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MPN-R Mini Roofing Palm Nailer




  • Ideal for tight spaces on complex Roofing Projects
  • Significantly reduces time and hassle of vinyl Siding installation
  • Drives roofing nails of any length with heads up to .49 in.
  • Metal front exhaust and solid steel sleeve for better durability and driving power
  • Ultra compact size

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The PneuTools MPN-R Roofing Mini Palm Nailer is a unique mini palm nailer that is designed specifically for roofing nails. Complex roof designs often include several hard to reach areas under overhangs and eves, and the MPN-R allows users to effortlessly drive nails under eves with less than 6 inches of space. In addition, since vinyl siding also requires the use of bulk roofing nails, use the MPN-R to grow a third hand! There’s no need to fumble with siding, nails and a hammer. Simply put a nail in the magnetic tip, find your stud and effortlessly drive the nail to the perfect depth.
This nailer makes a great addition to any roofing or siding contractor’s tool collection. Never get stuck in a tight spot without a mini palm nailer again! Accommodates

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