It’s time to raise your expectations.

Some pneumatic tool manufacturers charge a premium for the name and color printed on their product. Others sell bargain-basement imitations, then leave customers struggling to find parts and support to keep the tools working. At PneuTools, we are constantly pushing the envelope to make sure we only offer high-quality nail and staple guns, with on-the-ball support that keeps customers online.

You have enough challenges in life, but using and maintaining your tools shouldn’t be one of them. We strive to optimize every component in our products and hold everything to strict quality control standards, to make sure you get the best product at a reasonable price.


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Prepare to get your products fast. We ship all parts the day that you order!

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Enjoy peace of mind and simplify your supply chain.

Have you ever had trouble finding spare parts, then waited weeks or even months to receive them? Make that headache a thing of the past. We stock all parts for all our tools right here in the USA, and ship them out on the same day that you order them.

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Find out more about our pneumatic tools and supplies and see how they stand out from the rest!



Fast, simple, and built to last. Get back to the basics with this classic 22° Strip Framing Nailer.


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20 May 2019

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