Marvel® Mystery Oil: Great for Harley’s. Bad for nail guns.

20 May 2019

We all know that it’s important to lubricate pneumatic nail guns, but did you know that using the wrong kind of oil can damage a tool?  Using oil designed for automotive rotary air tools, such as Marvel® Mystery Oil, in a pneumatic nail gun will cause power loss and nail skipping. Pneumatic nail guns are … Continue reading “Marvel® Mystery Oil: Great for Harley’s. Bad for nail guns.”

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Contractor Supply

17 Apr 2017

PneuTools is proud to announce two exciting advancements to the plastic cap industry. As of third quarter 2017, all the PneuTools collated plastic caps will be 100% made in the USA and a brand-new cap slap-hammer will be on its way!

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Tools of the trade

03 Aug 2007

If you’re still using hammer-tacker staples alone to attach housewrap and synthetic roof underlayments, you haven’t read the instructions lately. Major manufacturers of these products have required capped fasteners spaced in specific patterns for the past several years.

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