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RN150 1 1/2" Palm Joist Hanger Tool





  • Accurate nail placement with easy view nail tip
  • Simple, rugged design is economic and easy to maintain
  • Convenient belt hook
  • Metal front exhaust and solid steel sleeve for better durability and driving power
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The PneuTools Rap-a-Nail Metal Connector Tools are the smallest, lightest, most durable, yet inexpensive joist hanger tools on the market! How is this possible? The RN150 is the ONLY tool that combines the compact design of a palm nailer with a collated nail magazine!
This patented design makes the tool super-light and easy to handle for long periods of time. In addition, the compact body can easily get into those tight spots that your other, bulky positive-placement guns can’t reach.
With a high-capacity, easy-load compact magazine, you can operate quickly and effortlessly without having to fumble with a hammer or bulk nails in those tight places. To top it off, the RN150 has a convenient belt hook, an easy-view nail tip, and very few moving parts to reduce maintenance costs.
The RN150 is ideal for users that prefer a small, low-maintenance tool, which is easier to handle than other full-sized metal connector tools. This tool uses 1 ½” nails. (For applications that require 2½” nails, please see the RN250.)

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