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SN2283H-AD 3 1/2" 21° Plastic Collated Framing Gun


  • Fast, Single mode trigger
  • Adjustable Depth-of-Drive safety mechanism with 360 degree brazing and welds for improved durability
  • Hardened end cap, to reduce guilt when you use it as a hammer…
  • New and improved, heavy duty nail follower spring
  • Reinforced nose bolts
  • Utilizes economical, full round head, 21° Collation type

Fast, simple, and built to last. The SN2283H-AD is the adjustable depth-of-drive version of the classic style framing nailer.

Just like our standard SN2283H, which so many have come to love, this tool features a single-mode trigger to optimize speed and durability and a hardened, solid metal end cap and an aluminum magazine. These upgrades eliminate unnecessary damage from heavy usage and keep your tool running longer.

The SN2283H-AD shoots up to a 3-1/3″ 21° plastic collated strip framing nail.

(See the SN2283H for the version with a single safety work contact element and the  SN3483H for the 34° paper collated version)

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