Marvel® Mystery Oil: Great for Harley’s. Bad for nail guns.

20 May 2019

We all know that it’s important to lubricate pneumatic nail guns, but did you know that using the wrong kind of oil can damage a tool?  Using oil designed for automotive rotary air tools, such as Marvel® Mystery Oil, in a pneumatic nail gun will cause power loss and nail skipping.

Pneumatic nail guns are designed with internal O-rings that act as both an air seal and a barrier between moving metal parts.  These O-rings require a lightweight, non-detergent oil to reduce friction and allow the parts to move freely.  It’s best to use an oil from a nail gun manufacturer or one that is specifically labelled for use with pneumatic nail guns.

Rotary air tools, on the other hand, contain stationary seals, which perform best with an oil that will cause them to swell and create a tight leak-proof barrier.  Marvel® Mystery Oil, and other detergent based lubricants, are excellent for maintaining tight seals in air ratchets and motors.  However, when used in a nail gun, it will swell the O-rings and prevent the internal components from moving freely.

If your Pneutools nail gun has been showing symptoms of power loss and skipping from using the wrong kind of lubricant, then change up your oil and contact us today for an O-ring kit to get your tool running like new!

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